As a biologist and passionate environmentalist, I tell the story of the bison rewilding implemented by WWF and 'Rewilding Europe' in the Southern Carpathian Mountains through my eyes. Bison have been extinct in the Romania for 200 years, and for the first time, they have returned to their ancestral land. This film is a story of hope. Carpathia is the key to saving the bison because it has the land, space, and more importantly, the acceptance of the locals to increase the bison population.  In addition, the film highlights the positive impact that the bison are the environment and how even animals on the brink of extinction, still have a chance to survive in the 21st century. More importantly the film tries to advocate rewilding as a conservation tool. Wild animals can coexist in a human-dominated landscape; most countries have the space to accommodate, its just the perceptions that need to change. If bison can be saved from the brink of extinction, surely this is an example to the rest of the world that other animals can also be brought back too. 










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